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Sailboat & Luxury Yacht Plumbing Services

Minnow Johnson Marine Plumbing Solutions offers you the chance to improve, maintain, and rebuild aspects of your beloved marine vessel. With our ability to service yachts up to 200 meters and even longer, there is something for every boat in our array of services.


Blackwater Marine Plumbing System

Ensure your piping, drainage, and toilet system is running smoothly with our installation and maintenance services. We specialize in products and systems from Headhunter, a great brand for keeping everything working the way it should.

Bilge System

Whether you must repair this system or need a new one incorporated into your boat, we have you covered. This service includes all piping, manifolds, and plumbing.

Water Marker

This device, used for desalinating water around the systems of your boat, is crucial in keeping the drainage in your vessel working properly. After installation, we'll gladly provide upkeep if needed.

Seawater System

This system is used to intake water to your engines, generators, water markers, and more. We provide replacement seawater systems, installations, and conservation for this important structure.

Compressor & Air System

Our talented and skilled employees are able to work on your air outlet stations, as well. We offer services for both new installations and older systems.

Diesel Fuel System

We'll install a new piping system manifold, fuel and transfer pumps, as well as piping for the valves of your ship. This also includes integrating fuel systems to trunkage, piping filters to engines and generators, and boosting fuel pumps.